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Story of Transformation of 49/M after FUE Hair Transplant.

Grafts 1 hair=585.

2 Hair=619.

3Hair =400


Total Grafts 1636 & Total Hair=3151

Before After
Before After WhatsApp-Image-2021-08-09-at-4.34.51-AM-_2_.jpgWhatsApp-Image-2021-08-09-at-4.34.51-AM-_1_.jpg

Story of a 41/M after FUE Hair Transplant.

1 Hair Grafts=442

2 Hair Grafts=963.

3&4 Hair Grafts=342.

Total Grafts=1747 and Total Hair 3394.

Story of Transformation of 47M after FUE Hair Transplant.

1 Hair Grafts=520.

2 Hair Grafts=826.

3 Hair Grafts=154.

4 Hair Grafts=28.

Total Grafts=1528 and Total Hairs 2546.

Before After WhatsApp-Image-2021-08-09-at-4.34.51-AM-_3_.jpgWhatsApp-Image-2021-08-09-at-4.34.51-AM-_4_.jpg
Before After WhatsApp-Image-2021-08-09-at-10.59.15-PM-1.jpegWhatsApp-Image-2021-08-09-at-10.59.14-PM-1.jpeg

Story of 32/M. FUE Hair Transplant. 

Details of the number of grafts(hairs).

1 Hair Grafts=332.

2 Hair Grafts=555

3&4 Hair Grafts=129

Total Grafts1016 total Hair 1799

Story of 71/M after FUE Hair Transplant.

1 Hair Grafts=496.

2 Hair Grafts=827.

3&4 Hair Grafts=66.

Total Grafts1389 and Total Hair 2348

Before After IMG_1412-scaled.jpgIMG_3633-scaled.jpg
Before After Processed with MOLDIVIMG_0313.jpg

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Before and After Nose Filler

Results after 4 treatments of PRP.

Pictures takes about 12 months apart.

Before After IMG_5817after PRP
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